Social media overload: Quality over quantity

Social media overload: Quality over quantity


We’ve all been there.

Sat on your social media channel of choice, a post pops up from a person or brand. It’s the seventh time you’ve seen them post that day. You’re angry. *Unfollow*.

Or how about this one.

Every time you open Twitter or Facebook, you see the same company at the top of your feed. What’s more, they never have anything good to say – how could they when they open their mouth so often? *Unfollow*.

The world has woken up to the value of social media to marketing strategy. To be frank, it would be impossible not to recognise it at this point.

But just because people know of it, it doesn’t mean they know about it. In other words, lots of people are doing a bad job of their social media.

One of the most common mistakes is overposting.

You can see the thinking behind it. The more content you put out, the more chance there is for people to engage with your company, the more potential for business.

The problem with that line of thinking is that, well, it’s just wrong.

The first reason is perhaps the most simple. Companies that never stop posting are just plain annoying. It’s spam. You might think that what you have to say is interesting, engaging and relevant. But the odds are that even the most devoted members of your audience don’t agree.

Second, there is only a finite amount of interesting content that any company can create. Conceptualising and creating engaging content is difficult, and time-consuming. It requires planning, research and talent. So to think that you can post five, ten or more times a day is unrealistic.

Third, you shouldn’t be posting on your social media channels unless what you’re putting out has a point. This ties in with things we’ve spoken about on this blog before such as brand personality and voice. Each piece of content you produce for social media should have a clear raison d’être – a clear purpose.

Thankfully there’s a way around all three of these issues. Just post less.

There is no rule saying that good social media accounts have to post multiple times a day – or even once every day. You’re at the controls of your social media account, so you make the rules.

The purpose of your social media is to portray your brand personality. So rather than throwing out the first thing that comes to mind, make yourself a plan for how you can achieve that.

Create quality, focussed content and release it at the best time to have optimum impact.

Do it right and you’ll save time spent lingering on Twitter and Instagram all day, sharpen your brand AND avoid distracting your audience with spam.

Not a bad result from doing nothing, right?

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Andy Donley

Andy is the resident wordsmith at Orfi Media, coming off a career in journalism and writing that has seen him cover the Rio Olympics for BBC Sport and write on news, sport and tech for some of the country's most well-known publications.