Branding & Communications

Your audience look to your brand, logo and website for clues about your personality and purpose. We make sure they see exactly what you want them to. Whether creating bespoke websites, redesigning logos or giving your merchandise a makeover, we know how to make your brand stand out.

_01    Visual Identity

_02    Brand Guidelines

_03    Naming

_04    Tone of Voice & Message Development

_05    Research, Analysis & Consultation

Creative Content

As more people realise the potential in personal brands and digital presences for companies, the battle for relevance becomes increasingly intense. The Orfi Media team has been assembled from all corners of the media industry to make sure your brand’s graphics, video, photography or copywriting is of the highest quality and creativity.

_01    Graphic Design

_02    Photography

_03    Video production & editing

_04    Copywriting

_05    Animation

Social Media Management

We know what it takes to make yourself heard in a world where it’s so easy for your voice to be lost. And by making sure we’re on the cutting edge of social media theory and research, we’ll keep your brand ahead of the curve.

_01    Engaging content production

_02    Scheduling & planning

_03    Campaign development

_04    Distribution strategy & execution

_05    Paid advertising

Web & Mobile Development

Mobile technology has changed the way brands interact with their audience. We have years of expertise building apps and integrating websites to maximise performance. Our tech team can take your brand to the next level.

_01    Planning & Strategy

_02    UI / UX Design

_03    Alexa Skills

_04    Prototyping

_05    A/B Testing