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Orfi Media team talks: Is university worth it?


We’d like for you to get to know the Orfi Media team. So, we’ve asked the guys to write a short blog post on a subject close to their hearts. Fresh from her university experience, social media assistant Elise questions whether it was worth the effort and expenditure… 

You’re about to leave university. You should be feeling excited, but all you actually feel is fear. What do you do next?

The idea of leaving the fun, safe haven that is university life and venturing out into the scary world of work is one I didn’t want to face.

But the last exams and deadlines came around and I found myself freaking out about what on earth I was going to do after I graduated!

Everybody I spoke to asked the same questions. “What’s the next step? What have you got lined up?” So helpful…

All I’d been focussing on the last couple of months was not failing the degree that I’d paid god knows how much for. So no Aunty Angela, I don’t have the next five years of my life planned out!

However as soon as I told these people that I wasn’t sure and was going to see what came up, the reply I got was one that I’m sure will have changed in the last 50 years.

“Don’t go straight into work, you’ll be working for the rest of your life now that people are living longer, so enjoy being young and free of responsibility.”


Sports ball to end the best three years with the best people ⭐️💙

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I am one of those people who enjoys working, so when I got to the end of my three years at uni and realised I didn’t want to go into a career directly in what I studied, I started to question whether it was all worth it? Did I fork out £28k for nothing?

The people skills, as well as the professional skills, you learn in a degree are crucial to you achieving what you want to in life. Personally, it’s let me grow in confidence in what I do, as well as not being afraid to speak up if I have an idea or feedback to a task.

If you speak to any 18-year-old now and checked back with them in five years’ time what they were doing, very few would be in a job that they envisioned themselves doing when starting their degree.

I know people that studied history and are now at the top of their game doing computer engineering.

A lot of the skills you learn at university are interchangeable, so as long as you’re ready to keep learning and applying those skills elsewhere, why not apply for a job that isn’t directly related to your degree?

You could end up excelling in it through pure passion while dweeby Dave sat next to you hasn’t progressed in his career due to pure laziness and lack of drive, even though he graduated with a first class honours!

Those connections and friends you make at uni are like no other. These are the people that have helped guide you through your studies and life obstacles over the years and could be the people that continue to open doors for you.

Word of mouth is a great source of job gossip, so stay in touch with people – you never know where they might end up!

Whether you graduate with a third or a first, you could be the person that brings something to an employer that they didn’t know they were looking for.

Are you panicking about what’s next? Get yourself out there and give it a shot, you’re in the same boat as over 250,000 other people going through the same graduation grief as you.

University is still a fantastic, productive experience. Just don’t let your degree define you.


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Elise Milburn

Social Media Intern at Orfi Media. Content creator day in day out!