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London City Royals are the newest professional basketball team in Britain, and are hoping to elevate the sport in this country. Orfi Media were involved in the project since its conception, originally working to create the brand – including designing the logo and kits – and then managing social media, content creation and web and app development. The Royals needed to make an immediate impact, and as they want to swiftly develop a reputation for excellence both on and off court, it was crucial that we created a brand that was instantly slick, contemporary and memorable.


The Royals gave us a brief that they wanted their identity to immediately separate themselves from what has come before them in British basketball. They are aiming for a level of excellence previously unseen in the British Basketball League, and want to be seen as cool, charismatic leaders as they do so. However, they also wanted to stress the importance of London’s communities to the team ethos, and to draw new fans to the sport. To achieve this we designed the logo depicting a crown mixed with a basketball in a minimalistic, modern style, using brands such as Nike and Apple as inspiration, as opposed to traditional sports clubs. The club colours are the red, blue and white of the British flag, and we used this to design the club’s kit, again aiming for a minimalist feel. 



Effective design was integral to the brand development, and we applied the principles of that identity to create slick, impactful deliverables both online and offline. To promote and support the franchise’s debut home fixture we produced roll-up banners and larger banners for outside use, which were utilised around Crystal Palace. These were based on the theme “It’s Showtime”, carrying over a campaign from social media, and celebrating the team’s big-name signings, while keeping to the royal branding. We also used similar design themes to produce a 12-page programme to be sold at the stadium, as well as providing the copy for the whole publication. 



When a project captures the public’s attention in the way that the Royals has done, it is important to feed news to people concisely, accurately and with character. Copywriting more than anything communicates a brand’s voice. We chose to write copy in short, authoritative sentences – whether on social media, the team’s blog or elsewhere – to convey charismatic leadership. The blog was used to allow club figures to speak directly to their fans, so input from our writers was kept to a minimum, allowing quotes to lead. In three months, the blog received 42,200 views. Video was also a key component for us to introduce the Royals to the market, and we produced a number of promos which were incredibly well received by both the client and the basketball public.

'Basketball is coming home' promo
Player Introductions
FIrst home game promo
'Royals TV' - Episode 1

Social Media Management

Part of our strategy for establishing the Royals as an innovative presence within the British basketball scene was to maximise their social media, using our skills and experience to separate the team from its competitors. Day to day that has come from clear, confident messaging with clean, crisp execution. But it is most evident through campaigns, such as the #basketballscominghome video publicising the team’s Crystal Palace roots, and the “Welcome to the #RoyalFamily” player announcements. 


  • 470,000+ organic reach
  • 3,500+ gained followers
  • 61,800+ website pageviews (52% acquisition from social media)

Mobile and Web Development

With the Royals aiming to innovate and to push the basketball sector in Britain forward, it was a big coup for the club to use Orfi Media to create the first basketball club app in the country. To start the LCR app will be used as the club’s official ticketing outlet, breaking the sport’s reliance on third party operators. Over time, the app will be developed into a hub for the club’s fans to interact with the team and to stay informed on news and events.

In-keeping with the Royals’ brand image, we needed to create them a slick, modernistic website, that gives fans a flowing customer journey. We’ve created that, with exciting features such as integrating the #basketballscominghome campaign video into the site, and an EA Sports-style player rotation. We have also built into the site a web app to allow tickets to be sold, which will later be transformed into an online shop for merchandise.

Jon Sawyer, Chairman

I have worked with Jonas and his team in managing the launch of a new basketball team in London called the London City Royals. Jonas has helped in not only developing a strong web and social media presence, but also significantly added to the value of the brand by developing a new ticketing app which enables improved information flow through to our customers. This will prove invaluable as the brand grows and customers seek greater levels of involvement in what is happening with the team. The output of work has been consistently high quality with on time delivery for all projects. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Orfi’s services.