Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

  Effective social media strategy can make all the difference to your company. But which platform should you focus on, and how do they differ?  Orfi Media investigates.   _FACEBOOK The original social media platform is still king, even if young people are looking for different options at the...


James Rodriguez: Football star launches cryptocurrency

  It’s rare you hear of a football player turning down a commercial opportunity, but nevertheless the news that James Rodriguez is making a move into cryptocurrency is a relatively surprising one. The Colombia and Bayern Munich playmaker announced himself as a global star at the last...


Securing that all important first client

  Early in the year, we made the decision to launch a digital marketing agency. Orfi Media.  We decided on our brand, ethos and style. We created a website. We established ourselves as a viable option for people looking for our services. Everything was ready for us to...


What is a personal brand?

  Sport touches people’s lives like little else. People care about it. And they care about the individuals that provide the entertainment. Modern-day sportspeople have a unique opportunity to connect with their fans. Social media has broken down barriers in a way that would have seemed unimaginable...


What is Orfi Media?

  One day not so long ago, three friends came to the conclusion that brands in this country, both business and personal, could be doing so much more to utilise social media as a marketing tool. Often with their online operations altogether. They realised that, between them,...