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Digital marketing and the sports industry: A match made in heaven?


Sports fans, collectively, are one of the largest captive audiences in the world.

From basketball obsessives in America to Fijian rugby fans, people across the globe are brought together by sport more often than anything else.

And that has only grown since the birth of the internet.

Now sports lovers everywhere are members of a community, able to share experiences and opinions instantly.

It has also coincided with – and massively contributed towards – sports organisations cementing themselves among the most recognisable brands on the planet. Elite athletes are transcending sport through their fame, while using digital marketing and social media to develop their personal brands.

All this is to say, is there any large-scale industry for which digital marketing could have more of an impact?

Whether it’s fans looking for highlights or to discuss matches, small-scale coaches, clubs or personal trainers hoping to sell their courses and classes or athletes who want to connect with their audience, efficient use of digital marketing will make a difference.

Example. Look at Cristiano Ronaldo. He topped the Forbes rich list for sports people in 2017, and has the largest social media following in the industry. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.



Top sports stars earned large amounts through sponsorship before the internet years, but that earning potential has grown exponentially since going digital has exposed them to ever larger markets.

Want another? Why not. Say you’re a personal trainer who is setting up a new gym. 30 years ago you’d have used flyers and newspaper ads. 10 years ago, you’d have set up your own website. 5 years ago you may have tentatively opened Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Today, the opportunities are endless. With the benefit of a comprehensive strategy, you can run a popular YouTube account, tailored Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, create an interactive website and secure influencer marketing and online ads – and all on a small budget.

That means you can target different markets and audiences exactly where you’re most likely to find them, with tailored campaigns and content.

From elite sports clubs to small businesses, the sports industry has the power to touch people’s lives like few others.

For it to achieve its potential, it needs to reach as many of these individuals as it can.

It needs to harness digital marketing.


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Andy Donley

Andy is the resident wordsmith at Orfi Media, coming off a career in journalism and writing that has seen him cover the Rio Olympics for BBC Sport and write on news, sport and tech for some of the country's most well-known publications.